Myanmar Targeting Civilians in the Latest Militant Row: 17 Drown Fleeing from the Scene

17 people fleeing from the militant attacks on 25th August in the Rakhine State drowned on Thursday. At least 18,500 Rohingya people have started to flee their homes after this militant attack and also a crackdown by Myanmar’s security forces that have reportedly torched the villages and specifically targeted the civilians according to witnesses.

After this drowning incident, the US government told the Myanmar government to refrain their security forces from attacking aid workers and civilians after the days of violence that have driven the civilians to seek refuge in Bangladesh across the border.

Bangladeshi officials say that many Rohingya are now trying to cross the Naf river, which is in between Myanmar and Bangladesh in boats that are really rickety due to which they are ill-equipped to travel in the river’s rough waters. This clearly shows how desperate they are for escaping the conflict.

Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the United Nations issued a statement in light of this conflict. Haley said that the Burmese security forces should act for prevention of further violence, but they also need to adhere to all the international humanitarian laws and these laws clearly state that innocent civilians and workers for aid shouldn’t be harmed and assistance should be given to people in need.

One survivor shared that the people on the boat didn’t know how to navigate in sea water and when the waves tilted the boat they panicked. Two Rohingya women and their two children also washed up in Bangladesh on Wednesday after the boat went overboard.

Bangladesh already has a plethora of Rohingya that live in the coastal area in overcrowded camps and it clearly wants no more to come. Humanitarian crisis is developing across the border and the UN should intervene soon.

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